Hello my fellow Vikings and Shieldmaidens,

Please allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Oddvar and I am from Norway. I grew up traditionally in the middle of Norway near the Fjords. My father was a blacksmith and my mother took care of the house the majority of the time. In her spare time, she crafted jewellery of all sorts.

Being a son of two skilled parents, my path was quickly set out: I followed the steps of my parents and combined the skills the have had acquired.
Scandinavia is a beautiful area to live in.
I, of course, prefer Norway. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Tradition breathes history, the history of the Viking age.

Although the Viking Age started late in the 8th century and ended mid 11th century, the Viking spirit is more than alive. It might not surprise you why people are still talking about them. Vikings were great warriors feared by many. Some even call them: "The Spartans of the North".

Their tradition and spirit drove me to combine the two in my passion for the Vikings. One can find the influence in many many places. That's how my passion Heart of Vikings began. 

Heart of Vikings is here to carry the Viking legacy onward. A legacy of strength, skill, determination and love. We translate this in offering the finest Viking jewellery, each with a different story.
To help you keeping your Viking Heart alive.

Yours truly,